Praise recognizes the importance of respect for privacy and protection of personal data. Personal information provided by customers is handled according to the strictly controlled system detailed below.

1)      Praise uses customer personal information for the following purposes. Personal information is not used for other purposes without consent.
- In order to provide information about our catalogue, products, direct mail, and other related services.
- In order to carry out operations of e-mail magazine, website, etc. To provide information thought to be helpful to customers.
- For new product and service analysis
- For various kinds of after-sales service

2)      Except in the following cases, praise will not furnish customer personal information to third parties:
- When it is need by financial institutions or credit card companies for payment and inquiry.
- When customers give prior consent and the information is needed to provide service to customers.
- When required by law to furnish personal information to public organizations

3)      In the event that a customer would like to verify their personal information, we will respond promptly after their identity has been verified. In the event of mistakes in personal information, correction and/or deletion will be carried out promptly. Please be advised that data necessary for business operations may not be deleted.